• Kamaljit Dhami

    Email: kamcald@gmail.com
    Language Spoken: English,Hindi,Punjabi,Urdu
    Phone: 510-284-7106
    Address: 43213 Mission Blvd,Fremont CA 94539

    Diamond in the rough...? Well, such diamonds do not start out shiny. They look like just another rock. In real estate it is important to understand the real value of the property. I am a former civil engineer turned ‘home-guidance counselor’. I have hands on experience with creating value. I have drawn plans, I have dealt with the city for permits and I’ve managed property additions which in this market are like finding diamond in the rough. Even if you are looking for turnkey homes, you don’t want to miss out on my experience. I can help you differentiate homes which have real value in the quality of their construction VS homes which have been just made to look pretty. Value your hunting time and let me help you sort the rocks and find your diamond in Bay Area! – Kamaljit Dhami (B.S. Civil Engineering)