• has his own moving company

    Why would he need his own moving company? When we started staging, cleaning, carpet cleaning etc., we discovered that stagers, carpet cleaners, painters etc. Don’t move furniture. We started a moving company so that our clients were not dragging furniture around. We handle it all for FREE.

  • has a team of contractors that help fix clients homes at incredibly low costs

  • has his own cleaning team

    Why? We have found that having a deep cleaning done to a home will give the home a certain crispness that it would not have otherwise. Our cleaning crew will generally spend the entire day taking light fixtures apart etc. Doing what I call a deep cleaning.Yup, it’s FREE.

  • has a carpet cleaning crew

    This one is pretty obvious. To clean all the carpets and keep them clean when buyers ignore the remove shoes signs again FREE.

  • has a full time interior designer on staff

    Our Interior Designer helps the owner and contractors if any, to design any upgrades, choose colors, supervise any work, pick material etc. Haven’t you always wanted your home to be designed by a professional interior designer? Now you can & it is for FREE.

  • has his own staging company

    We have a warehouse with hundreds of thousands of dollars in furniture. We have everything from lamps to sofas to every conceivable decoration needed to fully stage a home. Unlike stagers, we do not rent our furniture. We own it. This way you do not have to live like you’re in a museum, being afraid that you might scratch something. Yes, it’s FREE.

  • has his own landscaping company

    First impressions are everything. Timothy has his own landscaping division, trucks, crews, equipment etc. to fully landscape our client’s homes for FREE.

  • has two full time employees to put out open house signs

    We have two employees who's only job is to put out open house signs. Both employees go out at 5 AM every Saturday and Sunday and put out 100 signs each. Why do we put out 200 signs a day for open houses? When other agents put out an a average of 3-5 signs? Why does Timothy spend the money for two additional staff? Marketing is everything. Buyers can't buy your home if they do not see it.

  • has a full time software engineer on staff

    Why would a realtor need his own engineer? 90% of our buyers are engineers. 90% of our sellers are engineers. We need an engineer on staff to properly market your home since 90% of the marketing is going to be on the internet.

  • has his own escrow specialist on staff

    If an escrow is not handled properly then a seller is likely to lose a buyers deposit or worse yet, end up in court. We have a full time escrow specialist on our team.

  • has his own in-house lender stearns

    Brings you the confidence to get fully underwriting approved even before your offer is accepted.

  • that all of timothy’s services are absolutely free!!

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